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The leading software companies in the industry still only provide pointed solutions that lack data automation.

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Moving the industry forward

The leading software companies in the industry still only provide pointed solutions that lack data automation.

Connected Data

Data connections are feed through the entire workflow to drive automation and better decision making.

End-to-end Solution

Drive massive efficiencies into your business by utilizing a solution that brings you from prospecting and research through underwriting and deal sharing.

Capital Markets

Helping facilitate capital markets communication with standardized deal terms and underwriting transparency.

Intuitive and Dynamic User Experience

Developed with user experience as the highest priority so you can efficiently adopt into your organization / association.

Working more effectively

Implement best practices, drive quality assurance, and focus on what matters most for your business.

Reduced Overhead

An affordable and complete solution that can replace a multiple solution costly setup.

Seamless Workflows

Eliminate hours of work every day by utilizing a seamless, data-integrated workflow.

Transparency and Organization

Drive team productivity, performance, and data security with tracking and permission levels.

Exponentially driving value

Experience a reimagined workflow solution used by thousands of top-tier industry professionals.

Miami Commercial

“Rockval is one of the best new PropTech tools for our Commercial members that I’ve seen in the market, it will be a huge advantage for Commercial Agents in evaluating investment opportunities quickly in this fast-paced market.”

Atlanta Commercial

"I've been waiting for a solution like this for 20 years."

Capstone Companies

"What Rockval did in 5 minutes, takes us 2 weeks"

Epic Property Ventures

"Rockval has been an invaluable tool for me to evaluate off-market multifamily deals. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows me to quickly access nationwide data, build and manage my pipeline and generate reports with ease. It is a great cost-effective solution for syndicators and investors alike that makes analyzing deals and presenting them incredibly simple."

Anax Real Estate Partners

"Rockval saves me hours evaluating each potential acquisition."

GOB Network

"Regardless of your underwriting experience, you will want to have Rockval in your toolbox. You will no longer worry about blowing out Excel models or reconfiguring your model to adjust for varying deal sizes and asset types. With Rockval, you will have everything seamlessly integrated into one software that not only allows you to underwrite deals in a few minutes, but you can also quickly generate decks, and share your underwriting for immediate feedback from your team."

Horizon Multifamily

"Rockval is my go-to tool for property analysis. You can easily get the 411 on your subject property and quickly create a proforma. Tasks such as finding rent and comps are easy, and neighborhood demographic research is available at the tips of your fingers. The nationwide coverage is convenient, and the monthly subscription model puts it within reach of literally every real estate investor."

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