Drive value and cost savings

Rockval helps you save substantial costs through our affordable pricing and increased productivity, yield exponential results.

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Less spending and less time wasted. Better business.

Our software drives top line opportunities and cuts bottom line costs.

Measurable and instantaneous gains

Value creation is a natural function of using our platform, multiplying your productivity and cutting your costs across the board.

Effortless insights

Navigating the CRE market has never been this easy. Gain visibility into the data, market, and trends throughout your deal’s journey.

Zero training fees

Although we offer training and support, Rockval was designed so that over 90%+ of the users never need a formal training session.

Best pricing available

We are the most cost effective solution on the market given our data and platforms capabilities.

Hours saved

More time and effort can be redirected to building your business.

Advanced technology

Use Rockval to streamline your organization and drive productivity across all levels of your firm.
Remove stopgaps with one end-to-end solution that is built for today’s demand environment.

Simple onboarding

Manage and onboard users in your organization easily and efficiently with our third-party integrations.
Rockval was designed for immediate use rather than the need for hours of training which impede adoption into your organization.

Robust collaboration

Share and collaborate on your pipeline from your desktop or mobile application.

Time is money.
Save both.

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