Proforma Dashboard

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Sharing an investment deal has never been easier. Learn how to quick share, report, and market your deal!

Research and underwrite properties in minutes!


The Proforma Dashboard is an interactive and collaborate area to review your deal, generate reports, and share with contacts.

Sharing your deal

Quickly share a deal by entering in an email or selecting a contact.

Select from one of the permissions:

  • Share link: allows a contact to view proforma without being a Rockval userCreate
  • Copy: copies the proforma with the contact as the owner
  • Admin: allows contact to view, edit, and share proforma
  • Write: allows contact to view and edit proformaRead: allows contact to view proforma

Once your deal has been shared, recipients can comment directly on the dashboard.

  1. Once comments are turned on, you can comment on any report of the dashboard.
  2. To mention someone directly, use the @ symbol.
Override Proforma

To quickly change proforma assumptions, perform a proforma override.

Qualitative Insights

This interactive map breaks down demographic data points. Filter by neighborhood or zip code to get insights on population, employment, households, household income, and median age.

If you are looking to analyze a report in more depth, navigate to the reports tab in the Dashboard.


  1. Select a report
  2. Select the time/frequency of report
  3. Download to an a spreadsheet

Offering Memorandum

Generate high quality PDF reports for your deal!

Adding Images

Upload up to 3 images of your property to the OM. Click on the Add Image button and select from your folders. The selected image will be place into the bin.

Selecting Report Frequency

Next to the “Download” button select the frequency you would like to display for your reports. Choose from Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly. All the reports will reflect your selection.


To change the primary color of your report, click the options button. You will be prompted with a color selector. If you have a company specific color enter the hex or RGBA code.

Customized Layout

In the options tab, you have the ability to hide reports you may not want to include in your PDF. To hide a report click the “eye” symbol. The reports can also be re-arranged in any order. To move reports to different sections of the OM, click and drag the report to a different position.

Download your OM and share! Time to get that deal closed!

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