Navigating Rockval

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This video goes over the basics. You will learn how to use Rockval more effectively and review some of its cool features!

Research and underwrite properties in minutes!

Properties Page

This is where you will perform property and market research, build your prospect list, and find your next deal.

Finding a property:

1. You can search for an address or city directly in the search bar.

2. Property types and Filtering: Select one or multiple property types and sub types. There are over 36 main property types and over 100 subtypes to choose from. Refine your search by adding additional filters by pressing “More Filters”.

3. Save a filter to research further by hitting “Save Filter”. To access previous searches click “Saved Searches”

Saving a Property

1. Hover over a property icon and click the save button in top right of the property card.

2. Your property is now added to the saved properties list.  

3. From here you can edit the saved property and add details such as notes, contacts, and tags. Filtering by tags or contacts allows you to quickly find a saved property.

Property Overview

1. To view a properties details, hover over the property icon you would like to view. Then hit “property overview”.

2. In the property overview you can navigate to different tabs to research the property in more detail.


All the proformas that you are working on or have previously created will be accessible here. On each proforma you will have the ability to share, create a copy, or edit directly from this page. Clicking a proforma will direct you to the proforma dashboard, an overview of the deal.


Copying a proforma will create an exact copy of your proforma. Allowing you to create multiple scenarios for a deal.


Need to make changes or finish what you have started? The edit button will allow you jump in and make changes to your proforma.


Quickly share a deal by entering in an email or selecting a contact.

Select from one of the permissions:

  • Share link: allows a contact to view proforma without being a Rocvkal user
  • Create Copy: copies the proforma with the contact as the owner
  • Admin: allows contact to view, edit, and share proforma
  • Write: allows contact to view and edit proformaRead: allows contact to view proforma


Any deal that you share is tracked and we also track the amount of proformas created, dashboard views, and platform usage.

Track your deals!

See who clicks, opens, and comments on your shared proforma.


Upload your contacts to quickly share deals and properties.

Importing contacts

You can enter contacts in manually using the “New Contact” button, or import contacts via Google, .CSV, or Microsoft.

To import with a .CSV file, make sure the contacts are in the correct format.

Download our CSV template to make sure it is formatted correctly

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